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Burbank Water & Power (BWP) offers customers a rebate for PV systems. As mandated by SB1, BWP’s incentives for solar will decline by an average of at least 7% per year until they are zero by the end of 2016. Systems up to 30 kW AC in capacity have the option to receive a one-time up-front payment based on the expected performance. BWP will pay a slightly higher premium if the customer gives the renewable energy credits (RECs) to BWP. As of October 2008, the incentive is $3.00/W AC if the customer keeps the RECs or $3.50/W AC if BWP gets the RECS. Additionally, schools, affordable housing projects and non-profits can get a rebate of $4.00/W if they give the RECs to BWP. This higher rate for schools, non-profits, and affordable housing is available for only one project per sector per fiscal year. Otherwise they will be routed to the commercial rebate structure.

Owners of systems larger than 30 kW can receive a performance based incentive (PBI) for the actual electricity their system produces during the first 5 years of operation. As of October 2008 the PBI is $0.414/kWh if customer keeps RECs, $0.483/kWh if customer grants RECs to BWP, and $0.552/kWh for schools, affordable housing, non-profits. Owners of systems smaller than 30 kW can elect to receive the PBI rather than the up-front payment, but systems over 30 kW can only receive the PBI.

All customers applying for a Burbank Water and Power solar incentive are required to first conduct an energy-efficiency audit of the building where the solar system would be installed. newly constructed residential and commercial buildings must achieve at least a 15% reduction in the building’s combined space heating, space cooling and water heating energy compared to the 2005 Title 24 Standards. Lighting is also included in this comparison for commercial buildings. Additionally, each appliance and any equipment provided by the builder shall be Energy Star labeled if this designation is applicable for that appliance or equipment.

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