SRoeCo Solar is committed to simplifying the solar installation process by providing solar knowledge and solar calculators to help you simplify solar.

Join us in our mission to install as many solar panels as possible around the world.

Q: Who should install solar?

  • Everybody! Seriously…

Q: Who is this site for?

  • Home Owners
  • People who spend over $100/month on electricity
  • DIY Solar Installers
  • Anybody who wants to know more about solar photovoltaic (PV) systems!

Q: What do I need to do?

  • Depends on what you want: If you’re curious about solar, learn a little, then play with our calculators to see how much it might cost. If you’re researching and budgeting, and want to know more, get some advice. We’re here to help; Go on… discover the Sun!

Q: What if I want to go off-grid/ use batteries/ use a generator/ etc?

  • Sorry, we specialize in grid-connected solar pv systems. Going off grid and using batteries or a generator complicates things a bit. We recommend speaking with an installation professional for anything outside of the scope of on-grid solar electric systems.

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