Where to Get Solar Panels

by Shawn Roe | 2 Comments

Solar panels are the future and there’s no better time to get solar panels installed on your home or building. The founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, is confident that “solar will beat everything, hands down, including natural gas.”

The only question now is, “where can I get solar panels for myself?” The answer is simply to contact a handful of solar installers in your area and pick the one you trust most. The problem is, how do you know if the installer is good or not?

These are the first recommendations I would give my Mom or Dad if they asked me to recommend a solar installer for them. This is a list of a few of the biggest, most reputable companies helping customers install solar in the major solar markets in the United States.

If you live in a place where once of these companies is active, I recommend starting here first. Contact them, get a free evaluation and see what your options are. Then, you’ll have more information to help you if you want to contact a few local installers in your area. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable listening to the sales pitch of your local installer once you’ve easily gained the knowledge of what size solar system you might need, how much you can expect to pay, and you financing options.

1. One Block Off the Grid

1BOG header logo

(aka 1BOG) is a company that analyzes your house needs and solar potential using advanced technology. Then they quickly give you real numbers and let you compare quotes from a few specially chosen installers in your area without the hassle of an in-house sales pitch. It’s 100% free, no obligation to buy, and the choice to install is in your hands.

2. SolarCity

SolarCity logois one of the leaders in solar PPA and lease financing. Basically, they offer to install solar on your roof “with no money down and your utility bill decreases.” They want installing to be a no-brainer for people, and in fact, the PPA and lease options of installing are the most common ways people install solar now. SolarCity does everything for you, from design and installation to financing and monitoring.

3. Sungevity

sungevity-logois similar to 1BOG in that they use advanced technology to analyze your roof and provide you with quick “iQuotes” online for you to review. The difference is that Sungevity partners with specially trained local installers in different areas and only works with these “Preferred Installers”. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get an idea of how much solar can fit on your roof and how much it will cost.

4. Real Goods Solar

real-goods-solar-logobegan installing solar in California in 1978 way before most people were talking about solar panels. Of all the installers that popped up in California, they’ve grown the largest because they know what they’re doing and they do it right. Building upon their local success and experience in California, they have expanded their company’s values and quality workmanship to almost all major solar markets in the US. Bad installers don’t last as long or grow as large as Real Goods Solar, so you can trust this original (now nationwide) installer.

Getting information and installing solar is not so difficult anymore! Contact any or all of these solar providers if they’re active in your area. At the least, you can get some free information on how much solar potential your house has, and how much it would cost. If you’re curious at all about solar, get a few free quotes. You might be surprised how much money you can save.

Now you know where to get solar, so get started.

Disclaimer: All names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Yes, some of the links above are referral links, and if you choose to install with any of these companies, I’ll get a referral fee, but not at your loss. Actually, a few of them will give you a bigger discount because I referred you.

2 comments on “Where to Get Solar Panels

  1. I see the large companies above, but do some homework and look at the cost of buying a solar system and finding a local Lic installer to put the system up for you.

    Look at complete system on websites like wholesalesolar.com or Renvu.com, and a few other sites which sell whole system. Some of the 6kw system I was quoted on from the big guys were 45% to 50% more then buying a system and having it installed.

    Solar companies know you will be getting a rebate and many take advantage of this fact by over pricing the system, but showing you 30% or more rebate like a free sales price on the system to make you think what a great deal.. sample:
    32k bid on solar system – rebates = 22k ( large companies )
    18k install – rebates = ( est 5k ) 12k ( Local installer )

    I understand profits, but 14k worth……. factor both those costs when Calc the break even time.

  2. Looking for a 30 or 45 KW system for our tax-exempt church (no tax credit) in Orange County CA. Any ideas for a vendor and panels? Have proposals for 100 300 W Conergy and 120 250 W SMX, but not confident in either installer.

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