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Incentives are based upon the size and characteristics of the installation and your customer classification (i.e., an increased incentive level is available to Government and Non-Profit Organizations).

Please refer to the CSI Incentive Trigger Tracker chart for the current incentive amount.

You or your solar installer* must complete the CSI Application and return it to SCE in order to reserve your incentive amount. After the SCE Program Administrator receives your completed application and in some cases an application fee, you will receive a letter confirming your reservation. The letter will reserve incentive funds for you, based upon the size of your solar project.

In order for you to retain your incentive reservation, you must be able to provide documentation on your progress, to show that you are moving forward with your installation.

* A solar installer can, on your behalf, apply for an incentive and arrange for your system to be interconnected to SCE’s power grid. The installer may also apply for local permits, if applicable.

In addition to the CSI Application, you or your installer must contact SCE for permission to connect your system to SCE’s power grid. A copy of SCE’s written authorization to interconnect your solar system will be required for you to collect your rebate under the CSI program. To avoid delaying SCE’s approval to interconnect or payment of your rebate, you or your installer should complete an interconnection application and submit it to SCE as early as possible. An interconnection application may be obtained at:

If your system has not been pre-inspected, here are the documents related to getting your system inspected:

Once your system is connected, the site passes inspection and all the information is completed, you will receive your EPBB rebate or begin receiving your PBI performance payments.

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