Top 40 Most Efficient Solar Panels

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*UPDATE – Check out SRoeCo’s sortable, searchable Solar Panel Comparison Table.

This is a chart of the “Top 40 Most Efficient Solar Panels” available on the market today (11/01/09). All 40 most-efficient solar panels are from 2 companies: SunPower and Sanyo Electric. If you have limited space on your roof and budget is not a concern – these are the best solar panels on the market giving you the highest efficiency (greatest output) per area.

All of these solar modules are Monocrystalline clearly proving that this type of solar panel is the most efficient – more efficient than Polycrystalline and Thin Film. The panels listed at 290 kW and above all take up more than 17.5 square feet per panel. The solar panels rated at 230 kW and below take up less than 13.5 square feet.

Top 40 Most Efficient Solar Panels

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So, for the most efficient solar panels – choose one of these Top 40. Remember: the best efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean the best panels. Check out the Solar Panel Comparison Article for an explanation. Cost is a major factor and most of the time a building owner wants to choose the solar panels that give the best value.